Coding Week 05: GSoC 2022 With OpenMRS

  1. Gender — Search by gender option
  2. Age — Filter patient search results by age range i.e. 0–14
  3. Birthdate — Filter patient search results by birthdate range ie 20 Feb 1988–03 May 2006
  4. Alive — Search only for patients who are alive.
  5. Dead — Search for deceased patients.
Search by Demographics
  1. Birthplace filter by place of birth
  2. Citizenship — Filter patient results by specifying their country of origin
  3. Civil Status
  4. Health Center — Filter by details of health centre attended by patients
  5. Health District allows you to filter by similar health districts
  6. Mother’s Name — Filter by similar mother’s name
  7. Race — Filter results by the patient’s racial background
  8. Telephone number — Filter by similar phone numbers
  9. Unknown patient
  10. Test patient
Search by Person Attributes
Search by Encounters
Search by Location
wireframe for search by program enrollments



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Anjula Shanaka

Anjula Shanaka

GSoC ’22 @openMRS | CTO @SEF | Developer @promiseQ | Undergraduate @USJ