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  • ArtificialChat


    ArtificialChat specializes in the creation of AWS LEX Enterprise Chatbots. Our latest chatbot is at aws.glossary.chat also visit us at artificial.chat

  • Daniel Heydari

    Daniel Heydari

  • Janeth Fernando

    Janeth Fernando

    Undergraduate at University of Westminster | Former Software Engineering Intern at WSO2💯

  • Ruwan Yatawara

    Ruwan Yatawara

    creative, conservative, opinionated adrenaline junkie… in search of that ‘one thing’! https://500px.com/ruwan_ace

  • 4rontender (Rinat Valiullov)

    4rontender (Rinat Valiullov)

    Passionate Frontend developer from Russia

  • Piet Crombach

    Piet Crombach

    You are never too old to develop apps

  • Isuri Wickramasinghe

    Isuri Wickramasinghe

    Associate Quality Assurance Engineer at Rootcode Labs | Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isuri-imalsha

  • Vanodhya Oshadhi

    Vanodhya Oshadhi

    UI/UX Designer improving user experience during the day and a design advocate at night ❤️ @rootcodelabs | @deszignstudio #figma #ux #digitalmarketer

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