How did I start to contribute to OpenMRS?

This is the second part of my How I got started with OpenMRS? article. Make sure to read that one before starting. This article is going to be about how I sent my first PRs to OpenMRS.

After setting up the SDK, I asked for permission to view the Jira board so that I can get started with an issue. I had to send an email to get the permission and within a few hours, I got the access.

Then I looked at some issues and found an issue in the DHIS connector module. I assigned myself to the issue and start working on the issue. After fixing the issue I went through some PRs to get an idea about how to send a proper pull request.

Here’s the first PR I sent.

After getting the PR merged I started working on another issue and sent another PR on the same day. The second PR was about configuration of Travis CI for the project.

I also joined the weekly Covid Squad call and introduced myself. The next steps for me will be getting the /dev/1 badge by completing the quiz. This quiz has questions on community tools, Java, Hibernate, and other miscellaneous developer topics. In order to get that badge, I need to get pass 5–10 questions.

This is a quick article on how I contributed to OpenMRS and about my next steps. Don’t forget to read my previous articles. See you on the next one until then stay safe! ✌️