How I got started with OpenMRS?

Yesterday I set up the OpenMRS SDK and this article is going to be about my experience with OpenMRS. This article is not going to be a tutorial on how to set up the SDK. First of all, let me start how I find out about OpenMRS. I was looking at the organisation list of the Google Summer of Code 2020 to start contributing. I chose OpenMRS out of hundreds of other organisations for a reason.

What is OpenMRS?

OpenMRS is a global leader in open technologies and open standards in health care. It isn’t just open software — we strive to be open and transparent in everything we do, and encourage our collaborators to do the same. Learn how groups around the world have discovered the power of open architecture in health care IT.


Why I chose OpenMRS?

Let me tell you what are the reasons that I chose OpenMRS. OpenMRS has a great community and also it has well-documented information about the project. One of the special reason is OpenMRS is one of the best-open-sourced healthcare systems in the world and as you can guess it helps people during the covid-19 pandemic.

After choosing OpenMRS, the first thing I did was creating an account on OpenMRS Talk and introducing myself. Then I found the “starting as a developer” document. Which was helpful for my next step setting up the SDK.

Setting up the SDK was much easier than I thought. All I needed to run a few commands. If you are interested in how to set up the project and you don’t want to go through the whole document, my friend wrote this article on setting up the SDK.

login page

What are my next steps?

Actually, the next step after setting up the SDK was writing this article. After writing this, I need to do the following things.

  • Getting familiar with the platform
  • Sign up for issues and get assigned
  • Send a Pull Request

So this is my experience with OpenMRS and looking forward to working with them. I would like to invite you to contribute to OpenMRS.If you got this far thanks for reading. Don’t forget to read my previous articles also. As always, see you guys in the next one. Stay Safe!✌️


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