How we built a mentoring platform from scratch?

What is ScholarX?

How does the current program work?

Some of the Mentors in 2020 program

What is the problem with the current program?


  1. Admin: Can maintain the programs
  2. User: Can apply for a program
  3. Mentor: Can manage mentees
  4. Mentee

How does the new platform work?

  2. MENTOR_APPLICATION — Mentors send in their application
  3. MENTOR_SELECTION — The admins will approve/reject applications based on the program criteria. They could also remove a mentor applicant for other reasons.
  4. MENTEE_APPLICATION — All approved mentors will wait till the mentees apply for them. We could remove a mentor in this stage too.
  5. MENTEE_SELECTION — Mentor can select the mentees
User (Logged in)
Admin view of the home page
Admin dashboard
Apply for a mentor
Manage Mentors (Approve or Reject)




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