What I learned so far by being a ScholarX mentee.

What is ScholarX?

  • Contribute to open-source projects where uses the technologies that I’m interested in.
  • Build your portfolio with different kinds of things you did and it does not have to be unique
  • Do problem-solving challenges ex: adventofcode
  • Try to do your own projects
  • Improve your knowledge and try to combine your knowledge
  • You learn how to learn with a degree programme
  • It Will help you to improve critical analysis and critical thinking which is important as technical skills
  • Keep track of what you are doing to prevent doing the same mistakes again and again
  • The main goal of an undergraduate degree is to gain a broad knowledge on a range of topics
  • Learn the basic principles and practise “how to solve problems using tools”
  • Stay open to a variety of techs



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